1) Associate Engineer

Engineer Duties: Prepare technical documents and presentation regarding design, structure specifications, materials, construction procedures.

Prepare costs estimates, installation requirements, and installation timeframes.

Consult with client and other professional involved in any given project to determine functional, structural, equipment and system requirements.

Prepare inspection and/or testing methods, procedures, schedules, performance and failure criteria.

Research about system components including building materials, constructive methods, equipments, interfaces and methods for component integrations and respond to consultancy documents.

Job Requirements: A bachelor's degree in civil, industrial, electrical, or mechanical engineering

2) Experienced Architect:

Architect Duties: Incumbent will be responsible for interface with premium customers, providing advice on possible designs, materials, and applicable regulations; Discuss projects with customers, architects, engineers, regulatory entities, and investors; Prepare bids and proposals and support sales and business development personnel; Prepare plan layouts and production cost calculations; Prepare multimedia presentations of architectural designs; Prepare and convey specifications and instructions of production according to customer's needs and preferences; Oversee installation process if customer so desires.

Job Requirements: Bachelor's in Architecture, minimum 5 yr of experience. A Masters Degree in a field of study relevant to the occupation and its associated duties might be accepted as substitution for the five (5) yrs of experience.

Prospective candidates are welcome to apply by sending resumes & cover letters to:

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